Young People’s Circles and Mentoring

Young People's Circles of Support and Accountability

What will a Circle for young people look like?

The Safer Living Foundation's Young Peoples Circles project will work with young people living in Nottinghamshire or Derbyshire, aged 12-17 years (inclusive) at the time of referral, who have shown sexually harmful behaviour, whether or not this has resulted in a caution or conviction, and who require additional support to help improve their emotional well-being and decrease their social isolation. Our Young People's Projects accept referrals from anyone including agencies who are already working with the young person, parents, or young people themselves. Each Circle meeting will involve the young person meeting with the three volunteers who have been selected to work with them.

In order to engage young people and build on their strengths and interests, the Circle will utilise activities such as sports, the arts and music to build rapport, gain trust and encourage their rehabilitation. The Circle will focus on reducing the young person's social isolation, loneliness and impulsivity. In turn, this should lead to feelings of belonging to communities and increased determination to avoid anti-social and criminal behaviour. This pro-social intervention is designed to enhance the young person's social skills and confidence and will help them to desist from problematic behaviours before they become entrenched in adulthood.

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Our other young people’s project is Apollo, and we also offer projects for adults.

We are currently recruiting volunteers for both our adult and young people’s projects. If you are interested, click here for more information.

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