Prevention Project

The Safer Living Foundation Prevention Project

This UK Prevention Project provides a signposting, support and treatment service for individuals in the midlands who are distressed about unhealthy sexual thoughts and feelings, and in addition are concerned that they will sexually offend but are not within the controls of the Criminal Justice System.

“It’s not your fault, but you can do something about it…”

Prevention Project Objectives

Our Prevention Project Objectives are:

  • To provide a support service for individuals in the midlands who are concerned that they may sexually offend
  • To provide free therapy for such individuals through approved and accredited treatment providers
  • To use evidence informed best practice & service user involvement to underpin all aspects of the prevention project
  • To research and evaluate the project in an ongoing basis to improve effectiveness & monitor outcomes

Who can be referred to the Prevention Project?

  • Men & Women (18+)
  • Individuals who find their sexual thoughts, feelings & behaviours distressing and are concerned that they may act upon them
  • Individuals who have never sexually offended
  • Self-referrals
  • Individuals who are willing to travel to Nottingham

We provide a community service of individual and group therapy for people who find their sexual thoughts, feelings and behaviours distressing, and are concerned that they could be a risk to others. We work with clients who are motivated towards change and who feel able to make use of group or individual therapy. Please feel free to refer someone to us, and we can help in signposting them to the right services available.

If you are concerned about your own or another persons' sexual thoughts or behaviour towards children, and would like to enquire into making a self-referral or a referral for someone, please contact the Prevention Project on 0115 848 4707 or email us:

If you are concerned about your own or another person’s sexual thoughts or behaviour towards children;
Stop it Now is a dedicated helpline available to support people with these concerns. You can call the helpline on: 0808 1000 900

The direct line to call to Recovery nation is also available. It is a free self-help recovery resource for those struggling with sexual addictions or difficulty with their sexual behaviour.

If you have been affected by sexual abuse and need someone to talk to, there are organisations specially dedicated to offering support. These include Samaritans (call anytime on 116 123), Victim Support (call free on 08 08 16 89 111) and Childline (call on 0800 1111).

If you are worried that a child may have been abused (even if you are unsure), contact the NSPCC professional counsellors 24/7 for help, advice and support. NSPCC 0808 800 5000 or email ku.gro.ccpsnnull@pleh

If you want to report a child protection concern, contact your local authority child protection team – you can find the team in the area that the child lives on

If you think that a child or adult is in immediate danger of harm, call the police on 999.

Further information can also be found on the Stop It Now website.
Click on any of these organisations to get more information.

Our Prevention Project service is confidential which means that everything we talk about is kept private. If, however, you tell us specific information about an unconvicted offence committed by you or another identifiable person, or you tell us specific information about a child or adult who is at risk of being victimized, either from yourself or someone else, we may have to pass this on. We will always try to discuss this with you first